The book on Volley

In December 2012, the presence of the coach of the Italian National Volleyball Mauro Berruto was presented the book in Assisi “Volleyball – Besides the technical gesture. Technical Guide for basic trainers.”

This text is a joint collaboration of three authors Fabio Baldin, Giuseppe Basso and Federico Grigolato. The text I've also collaborated with the drafting of the chapter on Match Analysis.

“Training the Volleyball. Not easy. It is not just knowledge of the fundamental, techniques or tactics, the decisive moments of the game, the training program, but to be able to get into the group dynamics, find the words and the most appropriate ways to encourage the best performance and the spirit of sacrifice, but at the same time entertain and satisfy. Because the ability of an athlete to know how to make sports in the activity passes and satisfaction comes the fun. To do so does not mean that you should become a champion praised and sought after, just learn to make their own contribution to the team. Sport is ground for life: react to sports difficulty helps to overcome the obstacles of their own existence, it encourages them to come up with energy even when you think of not making it. Learn Volleyball is all this. So, as suggested by the pages of this manual accurate and complete, the skills of a good coach is not to become a great champion talent, but to express the gym the best of each boy.”

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