My story

Ciao! They are Matthew Levratto and I welcome you to my website. I was born in the province of Savona in 1975 and there I “moved in first steps” in volleyball.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering but I worked for many years as officer statistics and video analysis of club teams and national professional level.

Especially with Trentino Volley I reached goals that I never even dreamed.

What do I do

What I deal? The main activity of the Match Analyst is to gather as much data as possible on any sport performance (training or playing) and analyze them in a statistical so you have the information on what is working well within the team and what aspects instead we must work to improve. Obviously the more data will be, how much more analysis will be accurate and detailed. This is why analysts are supported by means of computer systems for the collection. If in addition to the numbers you have also the video of the race or workout, you can go to build video clips with the actions that we believe are particularly relevant in the light of the data collected. It seems complicated? Translated in simple terms it comes to creating a “school report” of each player (and the team as a whole) in which instead of the school subjects (italiano, math, foreign languages, …) There are various techniques of the game (ball control, passage, attack, beat,…) with next to each of its vote. If done in the right way, This work allows an adequate scheduling of workouts (according to the aspects that need to be improved for everyone) and management of the tactical aspects of effective competition. But it can also provide important information on an interdisciplinary basis among its athletes, especially the younger ones.  


I am a coach of second-degree and second youth level. From the sports season 2008/2009 the sports season 2013/2014 I was a member of the technical staff of Trentino Volley winning TN, in addition to other competitions, 2 badges (2011 e 2013), 3 Champions League (2009, 2010, 2011), 4 Club World Cup (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), 3 Italian Cups (2010, 2012, 2013). In the summer of 2013 I also worked with the Italian national team Juniors (Under 21) obtaining the third place in the World Championship category in Turkey, while in the summer 2011 I worked in the senior national team of Bulgaria won two fifth places in the World League and European Championship. In season 2007/2008 I lived my only high-level experience in a women's team: Famila Chieri Volley, Fenoglio inside the coach staff. In season 2006/2007 I was part of the staff dell'I.G.O. Volleyball Genoa in Serie B1 male getting the win of the regular season but failing to hit the promotion to A2 because of the defeat in the final playoffs against Forlì. In season 2004/2005 and in the next 2005/2006 I lived my first experience at the highest level in BRE Lannutti Cuneo, knowing samples of the caliber of Giba, Wijsmsns and Omrcen, ie players who until a few months before I was dreaming just know watching them on television.