M.L.Volley Agency

In these years of experience in the medium-high level, I realized that, set of rough tracks that apply to all technical (is: execution “perfect” of a technical gesture), each of the coaches I worked with had some peculiarities, that is, situations in which devotes more attention of other.

Hence M.L.Volley Agency, the sports consulting agency whose mission is to give technical support based on the specific needs of each. This activity is reflected for example in the production of sheets and custom forms for data collection during the game and / or training, or in the training of technicians in the field of data analysis and training planning.

The aspect that I consider most important is the personal development of each type of activity. The consulting part by previous exposure to the technical needs and will always have the latter as a fundamental pillar. The objectives of each project will then be calibrated to fit the reality analyzed.

Too often I have seen in my sporting life of small to medium actually coaches who have tried to apply to their world concepts can be developed only in highly structured sports clubs! I myself have made that mistake in his youth, and for this reason I try to share my personal experience to prevent others from committing.

Another objective of the agency is to develop software (that they work in a manner “independent” or in symbiosis with the most commonly used data detection sports programs) to help the coaches to speed up decisions and verify the results. The section “software” This site presents an overview of standard programs developed in recent years and continuously updated.

Then, any requirements you need please contact me using the form in the section “contacts”. I will answer as soon as possible trying to meet your needs.