In any working professional growth, in my opinion, closely linked to continually get involved and to the comparison with others.

I'm excited when I am called to attend meetings (I do not like to call them “courses”) with other coaches because it is especially in these locations that I draw inspiration for new situations to analyze or different working methods.

I wish people who participate in my meetings at the end of the day they are stimulated to do something new, first thought that maybe unimportant or not applicable to their reality.

Anyone interested in a debate on issues relating to examinations (statistical and / or video) Data-sports (in particular of volleyball) You can contact me by filling out the form on the section “CONTACTS” of this site.

Here are some topics of the meetings:

  • Match Analysis: definition and use
  • The importance of scoutizzazione
  • The tactical race preparation
  • The scoutizzazione during training
  • The tactical work during the game
  • The program of training (setting goals and tactical growth of athletes)

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