Welcome to the website of the consulting agency for Matthew Levratto coaches.

M.L.Volley Agency was founded in 2012, during my experience at the Trentino Volley Trento. Since then it began working with numerous technical and Italian and foreign teams that led me to investigate in particular topics related to tactical preparation of races and programming of the season.


“…Zenit Kazan we use for several years the match analysis software developed by his friend Matthew. It satisfies many of our needs tactically and above all allows us to prepare ourselves very well and quickly to every race…”

Thomas Totolo

Assistant Coach Zenit Kazan (RUS)

… in particular, In addition to Part purely statistical, very much appreciate the ease of being able to analyze video and easily find the answers we seek…

Thomas Totolo

Assistant Coach Zenit Kazan (RUS)

“… Instant Codes? I think that is an exceptional software!!”

Manlio Puxeddu

Assistant Coach Berlin Recycling (GIVE)



The essential support for the choice of its sextet


The ideal tool for video analysis and the preparation of the race